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TICKETS FROM £30 - £40

Whether you're planning the next get-together with your friends, kicking off the weekend early or fancy adding a spark to your Sunday, we've got the perfect brunch for you!

Every Thursday to Sunday, we've got you covered with Prosecco, endless pizza and the option to include an Electric Shuffleboard sampler!

During your two-hour brunch session, you'll have a table in our stunning bar where each guest will have a bottle of Prosecco (yes, a whole bottle!). And, you'll be fuelled from start to finish with an exceptional selection of pizza paddles. There'll also be complimentary carafes of orange juice at the ready if you fancy mixing up a mimosa.

If you decide to add an unforgettable competitive twist with an Electric Shuffleboard sampler to your daytime gatherings, you'll spend an hour battling it out around the shuffle table and another hour toasting your champion at the bar.

So what are you waiting for? It's going to be epic!